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Cyber Security Consulting

Consulting Above and Beyond Your Expectations

We have a wide array of experience in specific Cyber security consulting engagements for our clients where we serve as a trusted advisor or in some cases as a Virtual CISO. We specialise in designing and implementing controls across a wide range of activities aiming to detect, prevent, reduce, or counteract security risks.

We offer various types of services connected to DR/BCP as part of the GRC services above which
include assessing, testing, implementation, and measurement.
We have worked on projects at clients where we assessed the BCP/DR capabilities,
recommended improvements, and then assisted with the implementation of the plan and
processes. We have also conducted walkthroughs, scenarios and detailed BCP testing at major
clients in the networking, mining, shipping, and oil and gas industries.
Our focus is also on cyber security resilience testing where we assess, design controls, implement,
and conduct cyber security incident testing to assess the effectiveness of the current processes
and the team’s ability to respond. This can be combined with the red/blue team exercises
referred to above.
We anticipate that these services will integrate into the controls assessment and implementation
work so that they can be planned and implemented in the most effective manner.

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