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Cyber Security Operations

Becoming a part of your journey

Education & Awareness and staff training
We are partners with various international security awareness training companies and
have developed specific training courses for Knowbe4 who are the one of leading
companies in this space.
We have worked with large and small companies managing the security awareness
programs or assisting with the programs. We developed training material and/or
assigned the use of electronic solutions and then monitored their effectiveness and
reported on them. This included presentations, on-site training, videos, testing, and
phishing testing.
In addition, we are partners and have relationships with internationally accredited
information security, governance and general IT training companies and can offer
certified and self-developed training courses across a wide range of products as part
of the service with certification costs as an extra. We have trained and presented at conferences across the world and Bevan Lane has won numerous awards as the best international trainer for the PECB.

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